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Huntsville wins 40th Senior Coal Scuttle

EXETER, Pa. — Bill Lydick joined Fox Hill Country Club earlier this year. The relationship remains in a honeymoon phase, if Wednesday is any indication.

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At Fox Hill (par 71, 6,268 yards), Lydick, representing his first home in Huntsville Golf Club, carded a 1-under-par 70 to earn individual medalist honors in the 40th GAP/AGA Senior Coal Scuttle Championship. His performance led Huntsville to victory in the treasured team event. Huntsville filed a 17-over-par 301 to prevail by a stroke over two-time defending champion Fox Hill.

The low four of five scores count toward the team total. George Steinmetz (73), Marty Wilbur (78), Santo Lafoca (80) and Matt Cuddy (81) rounded out the Huntsville contingent.

Huntsville previously won the Senior Coal Scuttle Championship in 2018. As a result of its victory, Huntsville earns the right to host next year’s affair.

“We don’t know how many more opportunities we’ll get at this,” Lydick, 60, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., said. “I felt pretty good. I had two good rounds last week at Huntsville. I shot 71-73. I took off Monday and only played nine holes Tuesday, so I felt I was ready for today.”

Lydick’s start suggested otherwise. He bogeyed two of his first three holes: a missed green on No. 2 (par 4, 416 yards), a three putt from 12 feet on No. 3 (par 3, 186 yards).

“From there, I never missed another green, and I made three birdies,” Lydick said.

Yes indeed. All courtesy of a clutch 50-degree wedge, too. He hit it from 117 yards to four feet on No. 5 (par 4, 393 yards), 104 yards to 20 feet on No, 8 (par 4, 397 yards) and 108 yards to four inches on No. 16 (par 4, 354 yards).

That newfound Fox Hill familiarity helped, right?

“Yes. However, I have eight rounds at Fox Hill this year, but that’s enough here,” Lydick said.

Like Lydick, Steinmetz added a second club home that proved advantageous Wednesday. He joined Huntsville a year ago (Steinmetz spent 1994-2004 there as well). He immediately found camaraderie.

“I enjoy the guys at Huntsville,” Steinmetz, 61, of Malvern, Pa., said. “I played in their senior club championship and men’s club championship, and they asked me to be a part of the team. I jumped at the chance.”

Steinmetz, whose first home is Spring Ford Country Club, spent the past two days competing in the 71st GAP/DSGA Senior Amateur at Wild Quail Golf & Country Club. He finished in 12th place.

Wild Quail, by the way, is some 200 miles from Fox Hill. A lot of driving for man driven to help Huntsville strike Scuttle gold.

“This is awesome,” Steinmetz said once the victory became official.

“What an upset this was,” Lydick added. “A couple of nobodies from Dallas, Pa. My mantra at Huntsville is I’m the worst player at the club.”

The best player for the club Wednesday.

Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The Association’s 330 Member Clubs and 90,000 individual members are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Huntsville Golf Club284
Bill Lydick70
George Steinmetz73
Marty Wilbur78
Santo Lafoca80
Matt Cuddy81
Fox Hill Country Club285
Randy Marcotte73
Bob Gill76
Mark Answini76
Marty Behm77
William Gill79
Elkview Country Club309
Harry Heck75
Michael Heck78
Edward Hughes78
Kenneth Bolcavage78
Matt Froncek82
Irem Country Club315
Lou Belgio73
Jim Breck78
Billy Mattioli82
Robert Lipski82
Rick Skudalski85
Olde Homestead Golf Club317
Larry Pritchard76
Chris Ortman77
David Strohl81
Bruce Hogman83
Steve Grischott85
Pocono Farms Country Club317
Mark Bartkowski79
Bob Drygas83
Tom Sirolly84
Wyoming Valley Country Club317
Joseph Weiscarger74
Robert Pilgert78
Kevin Keyes82
Paul Skrip83
Jeff Tokach84
Glenmaura National Golf Club321
James P. Gross78
Bob Ames79
Gary Grivner93
Country Club of Scranton323
Michael Vassil75
Brian Corbett78
William Brown85
Michael Brown85
Mark Occhipinti86
Wemberly Hills Golf Club325
Paul Gruzeski77
Tom Miller82
Brian Aughe83
Anthony Andrejko83
Joseph Zagursky85
Emanon Country Club328
Rick Laneski78
Rich Petrillo83
John Petrosky83
Guy Fasciana84
John Yencha95
Elmhurst Country Club328
Mark Ambrose77
Tim Hinton81
Bob McCloskey85
Thomas McCormack85
Tom Sohns85
Scranton Canoe Club329
Barry Westington78
Jerry Dougherty80
Bill McDermott85
Jody Fitzsimmons86
Tony Libassi88
Glen Oak Country Club333
Bill Tarabek77
J.P. Sweeney83
Mark Arcure86
Mike Cordaro87
Pat Foley90
StoneHedge Golf Association336
Steve Mazur81
Billy Knoepfel84
Dave Walters84
Alan Oakley87
* – low four of five scores count toward team total

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