24th Over/Under 50 Tournament - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Jun 27, 2022

24th Over/Under 50 Tournament

Huntsville duo takes Over/Under 50

Bill Lydick and Tyler McGarry carded a 7-under-par 65 to win the 24th GAP/AGA Over/Under 50 Tournament at Elmhurst Country Club (par 72, 6,687 yards).

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The Huntsville Golf Club duo edged four teams by a stroke. In the event’s Over 50 Division, StoneHedge Golf Course’s Bob Andrejko edged Fox Hill Country Club’s Bob Gill in a scorecard playoff to prevail. Both players finished regulation tied at 2-under-par 70. Country Club of Scranton’s Frank Kacvinsky captured the Under 50 Division with a 5-under-par 67.

The Over/Under 50 Tournament, as its title suggests, pairs an individual 50 years of age or older with an individual under the age 50. It is a better-ball competition.

Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The Association’s 330 Member Clubs and 90,000 individual members are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Name, clubScore
Bill Lydick/Tyler McGarry, Huntsville Golf Club65
James Egan/Joe Ferretti, Glen Oak Country Club, Country Club of Scranton66
Kevin Rossi/Jim Boburka, Country Club of Scranton, Green Pond Country Club66
Bob Gill/Dom Castrignano, Fox Hill Country Club, Huntsville Golf Club66
Kyle Hutnik/Dave Olexson, Lehigh Country Club, Steel Club66
David Blichar/Jason Wilson, Olde Homestead Golf Club67
Mark Bartkowski/Frank Kacvinsky, Pocono Farms Country Club, Country Club of Scranton67
Tom Biscotti/Pete Johnson, Wyoming Valley Country Club69
Kenneth Bolcavage/James Gardas, Elkview Country Club, Glenmaura National Golf Club69
Kyle Gordon/Austin Renz, Williamsport Country Club, Bucknell Golf Club69
Jim Fronzoni/Jonathan Wilson, Huntsville Golf Club, Irem Country Club69
Bill Kroski/Tom Farrell, Glenmaura National Golf Club70
Jerry Burns/Brian Burns, Elkview Country Club70
Mark Ambrose/Kevin Nardella, Elmhurst Country Club70
Bob Andrejko/Timis Rosca, StoneHedge Golf Assn., Wemberly Hills Golf Club70
Tim Hinton/John Barone, Elmhurst Country Club, Glenmaura National Golf Club70
Eric Williams/Irv Williams, Honesdale Golf Club70
Chris Killiany/John Tolerico, Elkview Country Club70
Stephon Draper/Jerry Dougherty, Country Club of Scranton, Scranton Canoe Club70
Michael Thomas/Marty Wilbur, Country Club of Scranton, Huntsville Golf Club71
Thomas Boles/Matt Perry, Country Club of Scranton71
Frank Schiel, Jr./Ken Ralston, Wyoming Valley Country Club, Huntsville Golf Club71
Michael Vassil/Brad Flickinger, Country Club of Scranton71
Eamon Evans/Tom Miller, Glenmaura National Golf Club, StoneHedge Golf Assn.71
Tom Piwowarski/Mario Costa, Elkview Country Club71
Bill Ianieri/Bill Dessoye, Jack Frost National Golf Club72
Jim Lanza/Edward Knight, Elmhurst Country Club72
Tim Gershey/John Gershey, Jr., Llanerch Country Club, Country Club of Scranton72
Mark Occhipinti/Mike Bonavoglia, Country Club of Scranton, Elmhurst Country Club72
Charles Dennis/Chris Walzer, Country Club of Scranton, Williamsport Country Club72
Keith Devos/David Figura, Jack Frost National Golf Club, Olde Homestead Golf Club72
Vince Scarpetta, Jr./Vincent Scarpetta, Nittany Country Club, Glenmaura National Golf Club72
Mark Coassolo/Adam Sutovich, Brookside CC of Allentown73
Doug Nardella/Bob McCloskey, Elmhurst Country Club73
Tom Sohns/Bryan Marzolino, Elmhurst Country Club73
Ryan Manley/Don Manley, Country Club of Scranton, Elmhurst Country Club74
Santo Lafoca/Alex Anderson, Huntsville Golf Club74
David Lopatka/Dave Lopatka, Elmhurst Country Club74
Joseph Grad/Tim Burns, Country Club of Scranton75
Rick Herman/Brett Herman, Huntsville Golf Club, Bucknell Golf Club76
Tom Cicini/Tom Clydesdale, Berwick Golf Club, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association76
Robin Bonda/Damien LaRue, StoneHedge Golf Assn.76
Tim Holland/Jeff Bunker, Pocono Farms Country Club76
Michael Bryndzia/Timmy Gaudette, Pocono Farms Country Club78
Jim Bedford/Jim Bedford, Sr., Wemberly Hills, StoneHedge Golf Assn.78
Steve Mazur/Victor Sweet, StoneHedge Golf Assn., Wemberly Hills Golf Club80
Rich Brown/Jim Breck, Emanon Country Club, Irem Country Club82
John Martines/Brian Chapman, Country Club of Scranton, Elmhurst Country Club83
Barry Westington/Matthew Dougherty, Scranton Canoe Club, Glenmaura National Golf ClubWD
Marty Behm/John Mikiewicz, Fox Hill Country ClubWD
Over 50 Division
Name, clubScore
Bob Andrejko, StoneHedge Golf Assn.70
Bob Gill, Fox Hill Country Club70
Kyle Gordon, Williamsport Country Club73
Edward Knight, Elmhurst Country Club75
Bill Ianieri, Jack Frost National Golf Club76
Joe Ferretti, Country Club of Scranton76
Michael Vassil, Country Club of Scranton76
Jim Boburka, Green Pond Country Club76
Bill Lydick, Huntsville Golf Club76
Keith Devos, Jack Frost National Golf Club76
Dave Olexson, Steel Club76
Tim Hinton, Elmhurst Country Club77
Rick Herman, Huntsville Golf Club77
Mark Ambrose, Elmhurst Country Club77
Kenneth Bolcavage, Elkview Country Club77
Santo Lafoca, Huntsville Golf Club78
Jim Fronzoni, Huntsville Golf Club78
John Tolerico, Elkview Country Club79
Jerry Burns, Elkview Country Club79
David Blichar, Olde Homestead Golf Club79
John Gershey, Jr., Country Club of Scranton79
Mark Bartkowski, Pocono Farms Country Club79
Tom Farrell, Glenmaura National Golf Club80
Charles Dennis, Country Club of Scranton80
Tim Holland, Pocono Farms Country Club81
Mark Coassolo, Brookside CC of Allentown81
Vince Scarpetta, Jr., Nittany Country Club81
Tom Miller, StoneHedge Golf Assn.81
Mark Occhipinti, Country Club of Scranton82
Tim Burns, Country Club of Scranton82
Don Manley, Elmhurst Country Club82
Tom Clydesdale, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association82
Tom Piwowarski, Elkview Country Club83
Bob McCloskey, Elmhurst Country Club83
Irv Williams, Honesdale Golf Club83
Jim Breck, Irem Country Club84
Tom Sohns, Elmhurst Country Club84
Robin Bonda, StoneHedge Golf Assn.85
Thomas Boles, Country Club of Scranton86
Ken Ralston, Huntsville Golf Club87
Michael Bryndzia, Pocono Farms Country Club89
John Martines, Country Club of Scranton92
Barry Westington, Scranton Canoe ClubWD
Marty Behm, Fox Hill Country ClubWD
Marty Wilbur, Huntsville Golf ClubDNF
Pete Johnson, Wyoming Valley Country ClubDNF
Dave Lopatka, Elmhurst Country ClubDNF
Steve Mazur, StoneHedge Golf Assn.DNF
Jerry Dougherty, Scranton Canoe ClubDNF
Jim Bedford, Sr., StoneHedge Golf Assn.DNF
Under 50 Division
Name, clubScore
Frank Kacvinsky, Country Club of Scranton67
Tyler McGarry, Huntsville Golf Club69
Jason Wilson, Olde Homestead Golf Club71
Eric Williams, Honesdale Golf Club72
Tom Biscotti, Wyoming Valley Country Club72
Kevin Rossi, Country Club of Scranton72
Kevin Nardella, Elmhurst Country Club74
Frank Schiel, Jr., Wyoming Valley Country Club74
James Egan, Glen Oak Country Club74
Bill Kroski, Glenmaura National Golf Club75
Doug Nardella, Elmhurst Country Club75
Chris Walzer, Williamsport Country Club75
Chris Killiany, Elkview Country Club75
Mike Bonavoglia, Elmhurst Country Club75
Jonathan Wilson, Irem Country Club75
Stephon Draper, Country Club of Scranton76
James Gardas, Glenmaura National Golf Club76
Kyle Hutnik, Lehigh Country Club76
Michael Thomas, Country Club of Scranton76
John Barone, Glenmaura National Golf Club76
Tim Gershey, Llanerch Country Club77
Matt Perry, Country Club of Scranton77
Vincent Scarpetta, Glenmaura National Golf Club77
Brad Flickinger, Country Club of Scranton78
Mario Costa, Elkview Country Club78
Brian Burns, Elkview Country Club78
Ryan Manley, Country Club of Scranton79
Jim Lanza, Elmhurst Country Club79
Dom Castrignano, Huntsville Golf Club79
Bryan Marzolino, Elmhurst Country Club79
David Figura, Olde Homestead Golf Club80
Bill Dessoye, Jack Frost National Golf Club81
Timis Rosca, Wemberly Hills Golf Club81
Jim Bedford, Wemberly Hills81
David Lopatka, Elmhurst Country Club81
Damien LaRue, StoneHedge Golf Assn.82
Alex Anderson, Huntsville Golf Club83
Adam Sutovich, Brookside CC of Allentown84
Tom Cicini, Berwick Golf Club86
Brian Chapman, Elmhurst Country Club90
Rich Brown, Emanon Country Club90
Jeff Bunker, Pocono Farms Country Club91
Brett Herman, Bucknell Golf Club93
Matthew Dougherty, Glenmaura National Golf ClubWD
John Mikiewicz, Fox Hill Country ClubWD
Eamon Evans, Glenmaura National Golf ClubDNF
Austin Renz, Bucknell Golf ClubDNF
Victor Sweet, Wemberly Hills Golf ClubDNF
Timmy Gaudette, Pocono Farms Country ClubDNF
Joseph Grad, Country Club of ScrantonDNF
DNF – did not finish; WD – withdrawal

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