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The Ridge at Back Brook

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211 Wertsville Road | Ringoes, NJ 08551-


(609) 466-7702


(609) 466-7727




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Club Contacts
Golf ProfessionalAndrew Gordon(609) 921-8790
General ManagerJoel D. Moore(609) 466-7702
SuperintendentAlan Bean(609) 466-0242
Course Information
Club TypePrivate
ArchitectTom Fazio
Tee Sheet Front 9 Back 9 Course
Rating Slope Rating Slope Rating Slope
BlackMen 38.0 143 37.2 13975.2141
Black/BlueMen 37.0 139 36.5 13873.5139
BlueMen 36.5 140 35.9 13872.4139
GoldMen 35.7 137 34.9 13670.6137
SilverMen 34.9 133 34.4 13269.3133
GreenMen 32.3 113 32.5 11364.8113
SilverWomen 38.6 153 37.6 14276.2148
Green/SilverWomen 36.4 143 36.3 13772.7140
GreenWomen 35.3 137 35.5 13070.8134


The Tom Fazio-designed Ridge at Back Brook is the ultimate result of a ‘dream’ of its owner and creator, Joel Moore, and with the club, Moore provides a vivid glimpse into what he thinks about a lot – even in his sleep. Lots of people talk about ‘realizing’ dreams, but for Moore, his story’s actually true. “One morning, I think it was a Sunday, I woke up my wife and told her I was going to build a golf-only, private, exclusive golf club and have Tom Fazio design it,” Moore said. “And she kind of looked at me in bewilderment and went right back to sleep – she probably thought I was hallucinating.”

Moore’s dream became a reality in 2002, when The Ridge at Back Brook officially opened. The golf course, along with the service from the staff, is all part of what Moore calls the ‘Ridge Experience’ — one that starts when you pull up onto the club’s property, with 300-acres spread out before you.



211 Wertsville Road | Ringoes, NJ 08551-

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