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Pre-Junior Event at Philadelphia Cricket (St. Martins)

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Boys’ Division
Name, clubScore
Liam McFadden, Overbrook Golf Club25
Justin Stickel, Spring Mill Country Club26
Guy Rothery, Jr., Huntsville Golf Club27
Julian Butt, Flourtown Country Club28
Declan Conner, GAP Youth on Course29
David Ryan, Philadelphia Cricket Club29
Cole Harvey, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club30
Brad McDermott, Merion Golf Club30
Henry Sokol, Green Valley Country Club30
Ryan Jacobson, Chester Valley Golf Club31
Chase Dizel, GAP Youth on Course32
Andy Rolfe, Chester Valley Golf Club32
Jackson Vogt, Whitford Country Club32
Walker Mannon, Phoenixville Country Club33
Luke Freimuth, Cedarbrook Country Club34
Hayden Meadows, Whitford Country Club34
Logan Nye, The 1912 Club34
Nick Kozik, Moselem Springs Golf Club35
Gavin Singer, GAP Youth on Course35
Ryan McDermott, Merion Golf Club36
Gavin Schraegle, Phoenixville Country Club36
Nathan Anderson, GAP Youth on Course40
Jack Sokol, Green Valley Country Club40
Gregory Kriz, Manufacturers’  Golf & Country Club42
Peter McReynolds, Whitford Country Club43
Kellan Weiss, Indian Valley Country Club45
George Schalick, III, Philadelphia Cricket Club52
Girls’ Division
Kyle Quimby, Moselem Springs Golf Club32
Corinne McReynolds, Whitford Country Club36
Zoey Moua, St. Davids Golf Club36